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HIAB X-CLX 058D-3 | Articulated Crane

Horizontal ReachCapacity in Pounds
9’6” –3570
13’1” –2600
18’1” –1810
23’11” –1280
30’6” –990
  • D-Boom with 3 hydraulic extensions with single torque link providing extended reach, and exceptional close-in lifting.
  • Externally mounted, interconnected, boom extension cylinders eliminate travelling hoses – accessible and uncluttered.
  • Externally adjustable self-lubricating boom slider pads.
  • 5-ton swivel hook with flexible mounting positions.
  • 410-degree rotation.
  • Low maintenance rack and pinion slewing system with flange-mounted cylinders handles full load up a 5degree slope.
  • Three-point mounting reduces stress on crane and truck.
  • Chromed hardened steel pins and Teflon coated bushings.
  • Double-acting hydraulic outriggers legs with automatic holding valves, spring-loaded locks and secondary safety catches; extend manually on low effort roller bearings.
  • HIAB’s exclusive six function control valve
  • Sealed main relief valve prevents overloading of all functions Port relief valve in each function prevents dynamic overload
  • Custom holding valves for inner and outer booms regulate oil flow and prevents the operator from lowering load too quickly
  • Pressure compensated double load holding valves for inner boom, outer boom, slewing and extension cylinders provide zero sink rate and hose breakage protection
  • HIAB’s Next Generation High Pressure 24 Degree Soft Seal Hydraulic Fittings.
  • Clean, comprehensive oil system – frame-mounted tank equipped with anti-surge baffles, magnetic particle trap, condensation trap, 10-micron return line filter, breather filter, sight gauge and filler inlet screen
  • HIAB Cranes are engineered and certified to European EN 12999 / 13001 strength and performance standards.
  • HIAB Factories are certified to international ISO 9001 quality manufacturing standards.
  • Full 12 months parts and labour warranty.