2023 Isuzu NRR Crew Cab XR5
CASH PRICE: $133348.50 + HST


The actual vehicle may be different from the above image.

Term48 mo.60 mo.


Finance Rate 48 mo. @ 5.99%| 60 mo. @ 5.99% | Finance Due on Delivery includes Finance Down Payment $17400 less Client Deposit $5000.00
Term48 mo.60 mo.
Km per Yr.Unlimited kmUnlimited km
Due on Delivery$15406.39$15154.79


Lease Rate 48 mo. @ 5.99%  60 mo. term @ 5.99% | Lease Due on Delivery includes Lease Down Payment $15398.23 1st Payment Dealer Fees $ 655.50 plus HST. less Client Deposit $5000.00
Deal Fees$ 655.50
Client Deposit$5000.00
Cash Due on Delivery$145808.81
Dealer Fees: Admin fee $395 Environmental fees $85.50, OMVIC $10, PMCVI sticker $165.00 Licensing $0, Fuel $125 Client Deposit $5000.00 
**Offer Expires 02/28/2022. All pricing and payments are subject to current dealer programs and approval OAC**

2022i/2023MY Enhancements 

Below is a summary of the changes to the standard equipment of the 2022i MY N-Series Diesel

Vehicle Assist Features 

Standard on all 2022i N-Series diesel models will be Electronic Vehicle Stability Control (EVSC). EVSC monitors the truck’s steering wheel angle, individual wheel rotation speed, lateral G forces and more. When the system senses that the vehicle is at risk of losing stability, it alerts the driver via an on-dash warning light and automatically reduces engine output and applies braking pressure as needed to help the truck maintain stability. 

EVSC works in tandem with Anti-Slip Regulation (ASR), an advanced traction-control system that works to provide grip when the truck is on loose or wet surfaces. ASR will also be standard on all 2022i N-Series diesel trucks.

Four-Wheel Disc Brakes 

Isuzu will add rear disc brakes to the already-standard front disc brakes on the MY 2022i NPR-HD, NPR-XD, NQR and NRR diesel models. The NPR-HD will feature front and rear 293mm × 40mm discs, while the NPR-XD, NQR and NRR will offer 363mm × 42mm discs up front and 348mm × 42mm discs in the rear. 

The discs are part of a new Vacuum + Power Assist Brake System with anti-locking braking (ABS). At the limit point of normal vacuum assist, a hydraulic unit will provide additional line pressure. Vacuum assist is a new standard feature for both the NQR and NRR.

Fuel Tank Improvements 

Fuel tank improvements abound in the 2022i N-Series diesel truck. The standard 30-gallon fuel tank will now be constructed of stainless steel rather than conventional steel to improve corrosion resistance. The tank will also be flush mounted to the top of the frame and will feature top-mounted, three-eighths-inch fuel return and fuel supply ports to help eliminate cutting and drilling the tank during auxiliary fuel port applications

Fuel Sedimenter Upgrade 

A larger fuel sedimenter/filter on 2022i N-Series diesel trucks will allow for improved service intervals. The water separator body will feature a translucent red body, making it easy to identify and to determine when water needs to be drained. 

A heater will be standard with the fuel sediment/filter.

Exterior and Interior Design Enhancements 

Customers will notice a number of design changes both inside and outside the 2022i N-Series diesel trucks. 

On the exterior, bi-LED headlamps with signature light will deliver more light and less heat than halogen bulbs in both low- and high-beam modes. These lamps, plus turn signals with a new shape and accent brow, surround a standard matte silver grille, replacing the previous white grille. A chrome grille will remain an option. 

Inside Isuzu’s famous Hexapod cab, customers will see darker gray colour schemes on the lower section coupled with darker accents including the steering wheel, gear shift lever, parking brake lever and other controls, while lighter gray components up above create a greater sense of spaciousness. Seating surfaces will now be covered in a gray and blue cross-pattern tricot fabric that adds a modern look and feel while reducing the appearance of stains and scuffs.