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Lockhart Automotive Inc.

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2022 Isuzu NRR Diesel Cabover

Canadian Standard Warranty for Isuzu Diesel Powered units:
3-year unlimited mileage, 5 years / 280,000 km powertrain warranty covers the engine, transmission, drive axle,
fuel injectors, turbocharger, alternator, starter, water pump, roadside assistance and towing for warrantable
repairs (on top of base vehicle coverage of 3 years / unlimited km’s)
4 years no charge oil changes (must be done by the oil life reminder – every 16,000 km’s give or take 2,000
km’s – must be done at an Isuzu Dealer); segment-exclusive no charge Health Reports
Isuzu Powertrain Warranty fully covers for the entire 5 years or 280,000 km: Engine & Transmission
Complete plus additional components: fuel injectors, turbocharger, starter, alternator, water pump, rear
drive axle, roadside assistance