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Body length 16′ interior height 90 inches before insulation
Floor Red pine tongue and groove.
Two rows of e-track recessed on the floor 8 inches from the wall running the length of the body
Flat floor without wheel boxes. Painted with a grey protective coating.
Extruded aluminum rear frame with anti-slip rear sill and recessed reflective tape.
Stainless steel 8″ front round corners.
Partition with sliding door, set-back by 6″ and including sliding door.
Roof One-piece .032 aluminum roof, bonded on roof bows spaced on 24” Centers.
Interior insulated with 2” urethane foam sprayed between cross members, walls, front and ceiling.
Interior fully covered with 5/16” thick plywood including ceiling.
2 sets of E-Track (2009) Cargo Track on sidewalls at 30”, 60” from the floor.
X-Treme roll-up door, tough and rigid. White finish. Pre-painted galvanized steel panels. Moisture-proof Polycomposite HDPE
Electric control brake for the trailer.
Trailer hitch 2″ (10 000 LB capacity)
The distance between the rear axle and the point of articulation of the hitch must not exceed 1.8m
Trailer hitch plug #48465.
Clearance light backup camera and 7″ LCD monitor
Ready to receive a hydraulic liftgate.
Rear LED lights, (red/white combo on each side).
Optic led bars recessed each side of the rear frame
LED exterior clearance lights per government standards.
License light on the header.
4 LED dome lights with motion sensors.
Supply and install single-arm Velvac mirrors on the cab.
Pre-painted white exterior panels.
White rear door. Side rail, roof rail and front corners remain unpainted.
Body undercarriage treated with ”Tectyl” undercoating.
Full length 1” double reflective tape on side rails and 2” at the rear.
Waltco MDL/AP-20 (2,000 lb)Aluminum platform = 60″ x 89″ + 12″ ramp (ramp to be used as cart stop) In-cab shut off, Power Close, LED light pkg
Shore Power: install a 110V male socket with a weather-protecting flap on the passenger’s side, close to the front, just over the side rail.
The route to two (2) junction boxes using gray plastic conduit. Install junction boxes close to roof rail, the first at 66″ from the front
and the second at 132″ from the front. Punch a hole on the outside and install a grommet, pull out 110V wires and cap with a
twist-on connector for the client’s future light bar install.
RD2010360-14 P. 2/4
All our products are covered by a 60 months limited warranty. If repairs are needed they must be performed at our facility or by
a Transit Truck Bodies authorized repair center.
Four (4) LED light bars installed on walls inside the body. (Estimated amount, pricing to be confirmed with $1,600.00 chosen model number.